Review: Home Coming by Elizabeth Noble, Pain And Pleasure 1

Home coming cover
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I would rate this book 4 stars.

Ian is the CEO of the family business and a slightly bratty sub. Teran, his husband and Master of five years, is an investigator with the state police. This is a short prequel to a future book that establishes: how they met, their couple dynamic, and what a typical day is like for them. This works well from Ian’s POV to show how much he enjoys all of this. He loves and is proud of his husband. This story has elements of BDSM, but describes the tools in terms of sound and touch, more than visual–shapes are described more than color, for instance. This is sexy, but really a primer for the book that will explore their vacation at a BDSM resort. I liked when they took a break from those roles for regular dinner conversation. I would say this is effective at establishing them as a couple and giving the reader a taste of the author’s writing style.

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