Review: Enough by Matthew J Metzger

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Jesse is a firefighter with a huge lack of self-esteem. He seems to think the only thing he has to offer is sex. His first boyfriend is a teacher named Ezra. They’ve been together for 8 months and he is meeting Ezra’s conservative, Catholic family for the first time. Then, he meets Ezra’s ex-boyfriend and things start to go really wrong.

This book is more about Jesse’s journey battling his past demons and fears while learning to trust Ezra and himself. Erza has his own family issues. If Ezra’s mom is awful, Ezra’s sister is a true horror. At least Ezra’s mom has a moment in here where she redeems herself in the hospital. I don’t want to give you more of a spoiler than that, but while the book blurb tells you the whole plot, it also doesn’t give you the depth of what you are getting into here. The family issues are not magically solved with everyone an accepting happy clappy group at the end. I found this very realistic.

One issue that is used well at the beginning as a plot point is Ezra’s ex-boyfriend Liam. He is a foil and catalyst for some of their most conflicted moments as a couple. Yet, at the end, he is just dropped. I am of two minds about that. On the one hand, he is finally relegated to where he actually belongs in regards to his importance in their lives. On the other hand…did he just give up? If so, why did he give up? Did he finally back off because Ezra actually has a boyfriend, or was it something else? Did he no longer want Ezra? That would make him the biggest douchebag of all time under the circumstances, and contradicts how Ezra describes him.

Most of this is about those moments when dating turns into love and now the couple have to rip themselves open to each other to let that someone in. Seeing behind the curtain to see if they can be a real couple that shares the good and bad is part of the battle. Jesse learning his worth is a major part of the plot, but I was not totally happy with his epiphany moment. For me, there could have been some tweaking to let the reader know Jesse understood his value as a man: not just a firefighter or because Ezra loves him, and not just because he stayed. Still, the scenes between them are sexy and meaningful. There is never a doubt that Ezra is his whole world. It’s touching when he finally sees and believes that he is Ezra’s whole world too. There is a lot of time that passes in this novella so the reader gets to see when Jesse trusts himself to be himself, and trusts what Ezra tells him. I have to say I am starting to really like this author.

The cover art by Erin Dameron-Hill. I have to say I like the color choices. The hoodie is even reminiscent of fire gear and the blackened room shows Jesse’s nightmare landscape. I did picture him a bit bulkier due to the size difference with Ezra.

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Book Details: Kindle Edition, 192 pages
Published July 9th 2019 by Pride Publishing (first published May 22nd 2014)
Edition Language: English

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Review: Darcy by RJ Scott and Meredith Russell, Boyfriend For Hire 1

Darcy Cover
Cover design by Meredith Russell

I would rate this 3.25 stars.

Darcy is a part time fake boyfriend to fund other things he is passionate about. It is not an escort service, that still sounds a lot like an escort service with a bit of valet thrown in. Abby is a scientist who spends all her time in a lab. When circumstances seem to force her into bringing a date to a wedding, sparks fly–between Darcy and Abby’s brother Adrian.

The plot is thin, relying on manufactured angst due to a cousin. Abby and Adrian act like the reason Abby hires Darcy is a big secret, until it’s not. Once the set-up is finished and this gets going, about 30% in, it starts to be more fun. They all have to get through a week of wedding activities without getting caught in this web of lies. The conflict, that wasn’t, wraps up abruptly. There are moments of attraction between Darcy and Adrian where I felt a few sparks, but then Adrian has a self pleasuring scene was just didn’t do it for me. When the wedding is over, it’s time for Adrian and Darcy to get to know each other when Darcy is off the job.

Darcy is thoughtful and solid. Adrian is a bit insecure, yet somehow still trusting. Finally together, I thought they would burn up the sheets, and they do. I just didn’t find myself emotionally invested or that hot and bothered. Four months later, they have to come clean to Adrian and Abby’s parents if they are going to be together. Yet, there is never a moment when the parents learn about what Darcy does for a living. That is not dealt with at all. The epilogue has the happily ever after people expect.

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