A Chaos Moondrawn Review: Intoxicating (Elite Protection Services #1) by Onley James — Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5 I like my erotic romances with some depth and this fit the bill. There are many triggers in this book so please pay attention to the tags: past and present abuse, off page rape, self harm, flashbacks, alcohol, drugs, and suicide attempts. Of course, this all means the hurt/comfort […]

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A Chaos Moondrawn Review: Craving’s Creek by Mel Bossa — Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5 The blurb to this book really captured my attention. The story, seen through Ryde’s point of view, takes place over 15 years and is broken down into three main parts. The first part shows Ryde’s intense attraction and focus on his neighbor Alastair. The reader gets to see the […]

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A Chaos Moondrawn Review: Fracture (Unbreakable Bonds #6) by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott — Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5 This is the sixth book in the series. If you don’t read these in order, you will miss some inside couple things, references to their friends and background for Jude’s family. Still, this plot is not connected to the other books, so you could jump in with this […]

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Review: Pendulum by Joel Abernathy, Kingdom of Night 1

Pendulum Cover
I would rate this 4.25 stars.

This is a trilogy and the first two books end with cliffhangers, so you have been warned. If you follow my reviews, you know I hate cliffhangers, but there is a definate story arc and these have already been written since this is a rerelease under a new pen name, so I decided to take the plunge. This series has dark themes and explicit content so pay attention to the trigger warnings and tags. (As an aside, there is nothing hardcore in this book in terms of BDSM, but I have used the author’s tags which may be for the whole trilogy.)

Remus is looking to start over in Washington after having left Texas, to get away from his rich controlling ex-boyfriend. He meets Arthur, who is a member of a high class BDSM club run by the Wolf Pack. There is a contest to be Alpha’s Pet that Remus enters without meaning to and quickly gets in over his head. The whole situation is odd and gets more odd by the minute. It’s also a lot of fun as both Remus and I tried to figure out what is happening. Remus meets the twins Sebastion and Victor, sparking angst and jealousy in Victor as Sebsatian has marked them as mates without telling Remus or giving him a choice.

Although Victor seems creepy at first, in many ways he would be a better match for Remus. The love between Sebastian and Remus is too soon and unbelievable. The sex scenes between them are lacking something. The author does a good job of seesawing between the three of them in a love trangle, but it would have been a great job with more time devoted to figuring out why Sebastian and Remus fall in love in the first place. Having more depth here would have really given an emotional oomph to what happens later in the story. The author is great at building the tension like a horror novel. Also the sexual tension between Victor and Remus is well done in places, but could have been better developed with more scenes. Here, the short looming deadline could be seen as working against the story, but a few more scenes with Victor as Master would have gone a long way. This may be a personal preference as some readers may like the fast pacing, which does add urgency. By the time the extent of Remus’s past is revealed, there is yet another impediment to them being together.

This brings us to the vampires. The origin myth for the wolves and vampires is completely awesome. It also helps develop the mythos of both cultures which we’ll see more of moving forward. I feel like there is a little hypocrisy about the way the wolves view the vampires in terms of death and violence although the wolves do seem…saner, mostly. The last part of the book is OTT (Over The Top). It is both horrifying and fun. No one is left untouched and the readers’ perception of each charcter will completely change by the end. I think I know what will happen–there is plenty of foreshadowing. For me to be happy about Remus ending up with Sebastian in any fashion, there will have to be some major character development. Having said that Remus has some problems of his own to fix. I had wondered why the author spent so much time on Remus’s professor and roommate, only to seemingly drop that portion of the story, but they popped up later when I least expected it and will definitely be more involved in the next books. My last little thing is that I didn’t actually like the switch in POV in the Epilogue, even though I acknowledge that it helps set up a dilemma for the next book. Without giving away too much, there is a good reason that Remus’s POV may not be desirable at this point in the story arc. It’s a good thing I only have to wait a few weeks to see what happens.

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Review: The Imposter King By Wendy Rathbone, Imposter 2

Imposter King Cover
Cover by: Jay Aheer

This is the second book in the Imposter series. For my review of The Imposter Prince, go here.

This book starts out with an intimate moment for our two MCs, the HFN we saw in book one. But, we know that Prince Darius is not who he seems to be and danger still lurks even though Prince Malory would wish otherwise. When King Millard wants Dare to go see his father and find out if he still intends war between their kingdoms, Dare is sure everything is going to fall to pieces.

The best part of this book is the attraction and love between Mal and Dare because I was invested in their situation. There is a lot of sex at the beginning, but I feel it was to make the horrifying parts more so by comparison. The descriptions of the scenes were better in this book than the first book. The weird scenes with Stix are, well, weird. This seems to be the author justifying that there was a reason for what Dare went through with Stix in the first book–a value that we will perhaps see later in the story. I’m not sure I agree. The angst factor is high and the drama is OTT. There is intrigue within the intrigue. I was pleasantly suprised by the plot. I don’t want to give anything away, but it was interesting to see who Mal was in a different set of circumstances. I like the plot twists and felt they were well done–surprising, but not out of left field. It did take a strange turn for a minute near the end and I was worried it was wandering into the paranormal. Thankfully, it evened back out with a really great plot twist.

This was vastly more entertaining than the first book. The writing was much more accessible. There were some typos. Be warned that with the plot twists, things get very twisted looking back on all the events. Frankly, Dare is a saint. There is a hard won happily ever after for the end of this duology, but you are going to have to get through the first book to enjoy this one, so I kind of wish the first one was reedited to make it more stylistically in keeping with this one.

I would rate this 4.50 stars.

Warnings: this duology covers dark subjects in both memories and on page so if you are concerned please see the tags, although they will be spoilers.

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